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Never Say Never But Just Say No

My biggest problem is that I can’t say no. I want to do everything. I want to say yes to everything and be involved with it all.

I want people to like me. It’s almost a compulsion, this need of mine to have people tell me that I’m great, that I did a good job. That I am fulfilling (my destiny) their expectations.

I love writing stories and posting them on my LiveJournal because I know (hope) that I will get comments on my writing. I hope that someone will love my work so much that they have to gush about my interpretation of character or my turn of phrase.

This need to be liked (loved) leads me to overfilling my dance card and leaving me little time for myself. For my own writing.

I am a very active member of the Romance Writers of America- three local chapters at the moment, all of which I volunteer with. I am a board member for one. This takes up way more time than anyone wants to admit to you when you first get involved.

They tell you that it won’t be much, just a few hours of your time but it morphs into something bigger than you every imagined and suddenly those hours that you had planned to devote to your novel are spent folding renewal forms or creating spreadsheets for online classes. And you get it all done but you look back and you wonder just where your day went and why your word count on that novel hasn’t even MOVED.

But the thing is, when you get involved, people like you. They learn your name (in their e-mail inboxes) and they learn your face (from all those meetings) and suddenly, you’re part of the group. You are included as one of the cool kids.

Which is exactly what you wanted.

So you keep saying yes.


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You could take 29 Justin Biebers in a fight! Score!

In my quest to find amazing procrastination activities, I have been pointed towards an amazing webcomic.  You all know (at least you should by now) that Hyperbole and a Half is one of the best, funniest, most unique web comics/blogs out there.

My favorite post, just FYI to all you fellow procrastinators out there, is The God of Cake story.  No explanation will do it justice, just go and read it.  Do not drink anything while doing so or you will spray diet Coke out of your nose.  NOT PLEASANT.

Add to that list The Oatmeal.  Funny, weird, irreverent- this comic has it all.  Including a quiz to let you know just how many Justin Biebers you could take in a fight when it comes down to the Bieber Clone Wars.

My results are as follows:

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal