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Greatness is not believing people when they tell you that you CAN’T. Greatness is ignoring the noise around you, from the people treading water, who want to hold you back, who can’t move forward themselves but can’t stand to see … Continue reading

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We are never, ever, ever, getting back together. Ever.

As an aside, before I get into the meat of this post, I wanted to bring up the following: For Christmas, I was given the opportunity to pick up a copy of Scrivner.  I have never used this program but … Continue reading

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That Depends A Good Deal On Where You Want To Get To

I do this every year.  I make a list of things that I want to achieve and I feel like I hit some, ignore others, and feel a bit adrift by the time December 31 passes. I find myself unmotivated … Continue reading

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Doctor Livingstone, I presume?

Oh, MAN.  It has been a long time since I’ve posted.  I don’t even know, you guys.  It feels like I’ve been lost in the jungle and I’ve just been “discovered” in the jungle by Mr. Stanley.  First and foremost, … Continue reading

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