Greatness is not believing people when they tell you that you CAN’T.

Greatness is ignoring the noise around you, from the people treading water, who want to hold you back, who can’t move forward themselves but can’t stand to see YOU do it instead.

Greatness is having that dream, hearing that song, and not brushing it off as something you must have heard on the radio or seen on the TV the other day. Greatness is realizing that the idea is YOURS and that YOU have to act on it or it’s going to slip away forever and disappear. Greatness is understanding the tragedy of losing whatever it is to the ether and getting it down on paper or on tape or on digital so that it lives and breathes and can be shared with the world. Greatness is understanding the power of creation and knowing that power isn’t just dollar signs. It’s ideas.

Greatness is the power to move hearts and minds.

Greatness is chasing your dream even when you don’t know where it’s going to lead, even when you don’t know if it’s going to be profitable or shower you with money or fame or power, but you do it because something inside of you tells you that it NEEDS to be done. When you can’t sleep until you write down that last little line, until you get that last bit of code, until you weld that last piece of metal.

It’s a story that HAS to be told. It’s a machine that HAS to be made. It’s a process that MUST be created because the world WILL NOT be the same without it.

You do it because your DNA will not let you get away with NOT doing it. You do it because if you don’t, you will be a lesser person for it and so will the rest of the world.

Greatness is knowing the power you have in the little gray cells in your brain. Greatness is knowing the power you have and being afraid. It’s being afraid and DOING IT ANYWAY because it needs to be done. Greatness is powering through fear and doubt and shame and danger because the IDEA is bigger than any one person, any one thing, and it needs to exist in the world or what’s the point?

Greatness is getting it done because it matters and you matter and you know it and everything else is just noise. And you ignore the noise and you just do it.


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